Friday, January 8, 2010

Tranformation of my classroom!

After a week, I have done some changes here and there. I put the yellow checkered cloth just to cover the ugly noticeboard, I put some plastic mat as the table cloth and also did some skirting around the table. Today, I managed to go to school and put on the curtains! Yeeehawww..

I plan to do so many things with the limited RM left in my pocket. One step at a time darling.. one step a time!

These are the BEFORE picca!

All the things are not well organised yet! So pening and sad masa first time got this class... because I need to do a lot of things meh!

The back of the class looks a bit hideous owh.. is that too much? Messy ok? Ngeee

Oh you can always refer to this post to see more of BEFORE pictures!

Now, it's time for the latest pictures...

Aku masih konpius dengan trolley yang menyemakkan mata. Rasa macam nak humban ke longkang aje..kuikuikui.. what's the purpose of having the trolley if you can't use it!

Yeehawww..tirai sudah dipasang! I altered the curtain to suit the windows in my classroom. Siap bawak machine jahit pi skola tuuuu.. wakakkaka...

Some of my friends were confused with the kain back there..

"Eh, ingat kertas..kain yek.."
"Kain la dei... beli ketas pon mahai..sekeping seringgit..hat ni murah ja lorrr.."
"Kat Ayuria aku beli RM 2.50 semeter, kat Mee Chong aku nengok RM 2.80! Semacam!"

More to come! Yeeeehaawwww!
Any ideas? Please gimme some ok! TQ!

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ONE ZABA said...

apa kata semua meja murid tu pong pasang "sketing". pastu alas ngan platik. sama macam meja cikgu tu la. troli tu pulak pi hantaq kat keling botoi. juei besi buruk la.

jangan tunggu sampai hujung tahun baru siap semua noooo!!!

God Bless Us!

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