Thursday, January 24, 2008

Makan-makan Time

Happy - Happy Moments

Last nite my eldest son was craving for KFC, so we went there to have our dinner. The place was quite OK and this is our first time dining in the Jitra's KFC. Normally, we just take away the food and we prefer to dine in at Alor Star's branch because it has a small playground outside and they really love to be there. So, lasti nite Adam said that he wanted to eat there... so Adam, your wish is granted. These are some pictures taken during our dinner.

Salman showing off his new teeth. Only three pieces coming out...

Adam with his colonel burger.

Naufal with his colonel burger too.. look at his nose.. wahhh... so big aaa..

Salman with his fingers.. gatal gusi la mama...

Wow... besnye makan sini!!

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