Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A busy week

Since the school started, we had no rest because there's a lot of activities coming in and we needed to complete everything on schedule. Everyday, we go back at least 3.30 because of the stupid lenghty meetings and then we have to come again to school at 5 pm for the sport's day training. Pergh.. dunno la... can die one.. wakakakakakka... not including days during the weekends, I also come to decorate my class because I had no time to do it during the school days, so I had no choice but to come during weekends... I was wondering, why were still some people said that teachers have no work or work less.. that's very dumb and totally nonsense opinions. I have to train my pupils for Ping Pong because this year my school decided to take part in Ping Pong (table-tennis). The last time I played this game was 9 years back.. huuhuu. But, I will try my best to do it because not many schools interested in table tennis, so it should be an advantage to take part in sports that nobody wants. You can easily be a winner.. that's what my PK said. So, last Sunday, we had a small ceremony to appoint the school prefects and librarian for this year. Then, we were busy with sports training. This year, my school bought a whole set of music band equipment to train the pupils to take part in pancaragam. So, tgk ler gambo2 nih.. Tatau nak komen apa dah.. huhu

Majlis angkat sumpah pengawas and librarian.

Just training for 3 days.

Pulun beb pulun...

The teachers involved in the school band... Puan Nurul Hidayah and Encik Mat Akhir our new Senior Assistant 3. Both of them are madly in love with MUSIC...

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