Thursday, January 24, 2008

Maal Hijrah Celebration

Salamz all, today we got Maal Hijrah celebration in my school. So, there are a lots of activities such as nasyid contest, azan contest, colouring contest and the most biggest and fan-freaking-tastic event is the bubur asyura's project. Hehe... Bubur asyura or Asyura porridge is made from variety of ingredients such as hmm.. i also dunno lah.. wakakkakaa... but here in northern part of Malaysia, the porridge is much-much differ to the southern part's porridge. In Kedah, their porridge is sweet and the colour is sometimes black and sometimes brown. In Melaka plak, the porridge is made from rice.. (in Kedah they called it bubur lambuk la kalau bubuh beras), inside the porridge they'll put spices, all kinds of nuts, meat, chicken, mixed vegetables etc whereby in Kedah, they put only sweet-sweet stuff la... Hehehe.. The first time when I met with their porridge I was a little bit shocked.. I asked my friend..
"Did they know how to make it?"
Hehe.. my friend said... this is the northern style of Bubur Asyura..
"Owh..." I said.. and never tried it.. coz of the colour..
The first time I ate the porridge is hmm... last year I think.. after being the Kedah residence for 6 years... wakakkakak.. only because I like the bananas... if not.. sowy.. no time to try... Hehe.. so guys.. enjoy the pictures.. :))

The parents of the pupils are helping each other to kacau the bubur Asyura.

They are preparing the ingredients.. Can you see all the ingredients? I should have taken the pictures of the ingredients nearer, rite?!!

The male teachers are busy preparing the slide so that the majlis will goes on smoothly.

From right, Tuan Haji Nasir, the penceramah, our GB, Puan Hajah Zainap and Tuan Haji Ahmad Sobri.

The nasyid performance by the Year 6 pupils.

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