Monday, January 11, 2010

Rest in peace Toto!

My brother's favourite pet has died this morning. He is now in mourning. I never met Toto before, I only met the little creature in facebook! Huhu... Mak said Adik was terribly shock and sad when he saw his Toto just frozen.

Adik...are you sure she is really dead? Or dia play dead..macam possum? Apa pun takziah buat Adik.. I know he really loves his Toto so much. Sampaikan pi dating pon bawak si Toto skali.. sungguh..sungguh.. feminin?

And gosh, he did a video tribute for his Toto! Watch it here...

May you rest in peace, Toto! Even though we never met, but I still love you cutie. Huhu.. sad a bit lah.. seb bek menatang..

The latest news:
His new rabbit also missing in action..he was thinking of giving the rabbit to Salman.. double sad for him. Aiyooo.. cian Salman takde rabbit dah..


ezzati said... fren penah beli direct trus ke opis..

MaszLaVista said...

owh..toto sungguh comel..<3

God Bless Us!

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