Monday, November 2, 2009

Kem Membaca 1 Malaysia @ SK Padang Perahu

So, the meeting was held last Thursday about this event. The school was quite kecoh at that time because in the short period of time, we needed to launch the programme on the 1st of November. Sungguh HOH! But then, since all the AJK were very good in ad-hoc work.. so the job was done beautifully and succesfully..

The headmistress launched the program by signing on the big book.. I mean really big one okeh!

After the pelancaran, the school collected some fund for the family of arwah Faizzudin...(T_T)

One of the program that was under the Kem Membaca 1 Malaysia. The students needed to look for articles related to the issues that can be found on the boxes. The example of issues : Social problem, Economics, Health, Education bla bla bla...These articles will be used as the materials for scrapbook tomorrow... (sebenarnye nak bagi perabih kertas sokabau lama tuu)

This picture has no relation with my post today. Just want to eksen to all of you with my new Spice Rack from Tupperware... I bought it a couple of months ago.. sikalang baru pakai..wakakakka..Sungguh cute!

More news on Kem Membaca 1 Malaysia soon.
(Hoh! Aku nye proposal still hanging mcm cipan masih ada masa nak buat blog! Sungguh HOH!)


Ateh said...

ada plak gambo yg lari dr tajuk terselit...sungguh hoh! eksen x bis...wakakkaa

.: mama cute :. said...

well.. u know me.. eksen when i got time. at least aku ni sangat sincere bla aku kata aku nk eksen. wakkakaka

akob said...

nice report.
what is with the "sunggoh HOH"
kinda weird.
kes kes kes

ONE ZABA said...

1 malaysia baca buku dua minggu je

Anuar Manshor said...

Mujur tak naik jambatan!

arrpek said...

Hoh is expression kpd..menyampah..meluat..marah, meradang dan sewaktu dgnnya..wakakaka..ada betul ka tuan more time..wakakkaa

God Bless Us!

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