Monday, October 26, 2009

Nice one!

I got this poem from my tutor. He teaches us Literature this semester. I found that this poem is a good--very good one.. suits the current issue..wakakkakaa..
Enjoy the poem people.. Btw.. he took this poem from the net.. I wish I could remember the poet.. should give him some credits eh :D

Lesson from Recession

After a lunch of Perrier
And Kentucky Fried Chicken....

Mont Blanc in the pocket
of his Calvin Klein shirt;

a Rolex Oyster peeping
the sleeve of a Versace suit;
a silk tie from Gucci

And patent shoes from Bally
completing the sartorial picture

Our Rt. Honourable Minister
duly arrived in his Mercedes

at the Recession Recovery Forum

to lecture his constituents
on the virtues of austerity,
frugality and buying Malaysian!

Sila beli barangan buatan Malaysia! Haha

P/S: Most of them are hypocrite! Haha.. Don't tell me this party is good or bad. When it comes to politics.. You sucks more than I do..kuikuikui

-Aku sedang mengerjakan assignment untuk Literature.. sungguh bohsan bila tiba part assignment!


ONE ZABA said...

After a lunch of Perrier
And Kentucky Fried Chicken....

baris ni aku faham sangat...mesti bab makan jugak!!!

MaszLaVista said...

ai sgt agree dengan iteewww poem taw!

.: mama cute :. said...

kuikui.. bagus2.. seb bek hang pahamm..ngeeee

betoi.. dok soh kita beli msian produk.. depa dok shoping kat milan, london.. sungguh hampeh...

akob said...

tipah tertipu

God Bless Us!

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