Thursday, October 15, 2009

Annoying Things!!!

Aku berkira-kira lebih kurang seplo kali sebelum mau post ini entry..ahhahaha!

Bucuk la bantal ni! Sabaq naa..

Here we are... back to the bloggingsphere! Haha.. After a few days without any entries. I had been busy playing my farmvilles and also because of puasa enam, I too felt a bit lazy to write! My daily routine had changed so far. Back from school, having lunch with Adam, sent him to his Qiraati class (I changed his timetable already) and at nite, I help him with his homework and before I go to bed - I surf the net..looking for my assignments materials (leh caya kah?) , updating my facebook and bloghopping :D

I love to hop from one blog to another, just to get the ideas, to look at their templates (yang aku ni haram tak tuko2 lagi..kekekek), gain new knowledge and to know the latest info (politics kaa entertainment kaa..aku belasah aje). I also love to read the comments.. this is where you will know how the blog owner reacts with the comments. Some of the bloggers are quite good in handling comments (especially the annoying ones).

And lately, I found that some blogs have a lot of comments and half of them comes from the blog owner! It's not new eh.. let say you read the comment.. (100 comments) and you click the comments -- half of the comments comes from the blog owner. They will happily answer all the comments in separate windows. I keep on wondering.. why on earth don't they just answer all the comments in one window.. just like this?

Contoh bagus: dicurik dari blog Obe!

You can save your spaces meh.. No need to submit and write then do the same routine again and again!

So, I just don't get it. Maybe they just love to see the numbers eh... Ok.. I could smell that some of you might want to kill me rite now...waakakkakakaa...

-Hello, Syah..ko jeles ke blog ko takde orang komen, tu pasal ko dengki orang tak post apa2 kat ruang komen ko kan kan kan!

Come on man.. this is my syok sendiri blog. So, I don't really care if you want to drop anything or nothing in here okeh. It just annoys me to see the big numbers but then the REAL readers that comments did not exist! I favour real readers rather than the REAL syok sendiri owner okeh.. waaakkaka..Sori kalau ada terasa!

Ada lagi menda buat aku annoy..nanti dulu la.. sambung lain! Kuikuikui

So, my real readers.. I rest my case and thanks for reading!

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