Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ice-Age 3

So, the kids were so excited to watch the Ice-Age 3 trailer on tv. They begged me to buy the pirated DVD. My hubby and I got a better idea.. so off we went to Jitra Mall to watch the movie. Much better eh..

The tickets... adult RM 10, child RM 7.. Salman-pree..
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Since we were there earlier by one hour, we decided to walk around and pose here and there...

Salman and Adam wat apa ntah..

Transformer.. dpt amek gambo pon jadi la..hahahaha

Lagi bersama encik Transformer..

Warning....warning... sila tutup henpon sebelum masuk sini ok!

Inside the cinema, the GI Joe trailer was on the screen and Salman was so scared to listen to the noises... He closed his eyes and said "Akuttt..akuttt..."

Seyes muka masing-masing.. tengok trailer pon teruja..ahhaha

The movie started at 9.20 and ended two hours later.. We went home tired but happy. (macam ayat dok drill kat budak UPSR daaa...wakakakakkakaak)

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