Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dark Nite

It was a few days back. We just got back from my MIL house to sent the barang jualan to my SIL. Eh.. apa aku jual ek.. Owh.. sikalang sudah jadi tukang jual kain ala-ala Mat Bangla gitu..wakakaka... So, from 50 pieces now tinggal beberapa pieces aje. So, we reached home around 10.30 pm and after I changed my clothes and Salman's diaper suddenly... plooop...

"Eh..Angah.. ada tekan suis tu kaaaa?"
"Tak pon!"
"Dak aih.. suma rumah takde karan"

OMG... panas la ini malam.. And I could hear the neighbours started to get out from their houses and my hubby looked for the candles at the kitchen. And Salman was clinging to me all the time and cried out the "Akutt... akuttt.." words repeatedly. Naufal still got time to play with the swing and unfortunately he threw up.. fenin kot.. And in the darkness, I had to clean his muntah sampai clean..huhu..

And the silence... no tv, no radio... I just listened to the neighbours went in and out... listened to them chit chatting.. and I decided to go to sleep... of course with Salman and Naufal... dengan kepanasan tahap transformer aje, I took the magazine and kipas the kids.. I dunno what time I fell asleep because somewhere around midnite I felt a bit cold.. ghupenye kipas dah jalan...hehehe...

Bila takde karan, baru kita ni sedar bahawa kita ni takleh nak idop susah sket.. sangat mengada-ngada orang zaman sekarang... haha!

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