Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my dad, Tuan Haji Ibrahim bin Baba, my dad-in-law, Dato' Haji Abdul Hamid bin Abdul Rahman al-Jarumi and not forgetting my sons' dad, encik Hubby.

Si Penulis Kek yang tak reti English.. haha! They supposed to write it this way : Happy Father's Day. They missed the -'s. But then, what the heck... English is not important eh.. Kita mesti sentiasa utamakan bahasa ibunda kita...Hapuskan PPSMI... hapuskan segala yang ada kaitan dengan penjajah.. Hahaha..

Ok, kita back to business.. I called my dad late in the evening. It's hard to speak with dad nowadays because sometimes when he is weak, he refuses to take any call eventhough the phone is just a few metres away.

"Babah buat apa Mak?"
"Ada kat depan"
"Susah betul nak sembang ngan Babah.."
"Kejap, aku panggilkan...."
from the phone I could hear this..
"Yang.. oh Yang.. ada orang nak cakap ni..."
"Ada la orang nak cakap"

We chit chat for a while and then...
"Baa... orang nak wish Babah 'Selamat Hari Bapa!' Hehehe"
"Oh.. hari ni Hari Bapa. Tima kasih le"
Then...bla bla bla....

Before he handed the phone to my mum, I could hear he said...
"Ada pulak hari bapa.. macam-macam sekarang ni"

Dad never cares...haha.. I think men are always like that huh.. I really miss my Babah every now and then. I remembered when I was young. I used to hate him A LOT! I used to call him Singa Lapar. He is one kind of guy that is so fierce and never care whether you are crying or buat muka sedey meraih simpati when he is angry.(I guess I am potraying himself when he was young...hahaha). I couldn't go out with my friends like everyone else. I couldn't buy anything that I want.. and the worst part.. I couldn't celebrate my birthday...
"Itu budaya kafir!"he said.

My dad always force me to go to Sekolah Petang.. last time we called it Sekolah Agama Petang.. which is so bored because the place is not in my school.. it is somewhere in kampung area.. and the students are all the naughty ones.. I kept on wondering that time why this children were so naughty and even the ustazahs had difficulties to control them. They bullied me so many times since I am the only girl from the town school.. (sekolah elit la kata..). Hahahhaa..

My dad also love to screen all my phone calls.. Suara lelaki.. bole blah.. hahaha.. Even my letters received the same faith like my phone calls... Scanning all the time..kuikuikui.. When I was studying in Seremban, my dad will sent me and fetch on time.. I wanted to take the bus.. He simply said this..
"Jangan mengada-ngada.. nanti ko tersengih-sengih kat jantan mana, dok berkenalan pulak, Babah tak berkenan!"
Then, one day he bought me a Kancil and a handphone.. at that time.. having those things are quite luxurious I might say (those things also had invited some jealousy among my siblings...hahahah).. I was a bit bangga tahap gaban.. But then, I still couldn't enjoy myself.. Every night he will call to check where I am.. (and of course I am so scared to death to lie to him). On Friday, he will ask me to go home (bukan jauh mana pun). He never let me to have my weekends in Seremban. Then, starting from 12.30 pm he will ask my mum to call me for every 30 minutes to ask for my current position...hahaha..
"Ada kat mana sekarang?"
"Apsal lambat sangat nak sampai rumah... ko singgah mana.. cepat Babah bising"
I really couldn't bersantai where ever I wanted with that car..kuikuikui...
That is why I hate my dad..

But now, as I am getting older younger, I realized that all the things that he forced me to do or not to do had taught me to become a decent (chewah) lady. Ekekekeke (leh muntah ijo sapo baco). I knew that without his guidance and his protection (walaupun kengkadang a bit over) to me, I won't become who I am today. And I think if I listened more to him... I can now become a doctor I supposed.. hahaha (mari gelak guling-guling).. because in my younger years.. I was so lazy to read books and did my own revision.... (pocah tombolang ekau!).

Without him forcing me to study...
I would become useless in the society
Without him forcing me not to go out with friends
I may end up with the wrong kind of friends...mana nak pi tau kot2 jadi bohsia plak...wakkakaa
Without him forcing me to come back early...
I may end up being the kupu-kupu malam...ekekeke
Without him forcing me to go to Sekolah Petang..alhamdullilah..
I may not even be able to read the Holy Quran and I may not even know how to pray... Astaghfirullah...
Without him forcing me not to get on the bus..
I may end up marrying a Shah Rukh Khan lookalike a.k.a Mat Bangla... hahaha..
Without him protecting me all the time..
I may become... I don't know... I may not be here and share all the good memories to you eh..

So, Babah.. thank you for everything.. Thank you for all the love, kindness and hope that you have given not only to me, but to all my sisters and brothers.. thank you for all your support and your motivation.. I really-really love you eventhough I couldn't say it aloud. I still really-really need you in every step and decision that I make.. I love you Babah.. and thank you for bringing me to this wonderful world. Thank you for blessing me!

Ida sayang Babah! T_T


3p4h said...

Wahhhh...Sgt touching~

.: mama cute :. said...

wahh.. mcm tak caya aje..ekkeke

God Bless Us!

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