Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Other than teaching...

Alo cikgu.. you think you can sing aah?

What do you think a teacher can do apart from teaching? Hmmm... so many sehh.. If you come to this place today, you can see that teachers are very good in almost everything... Acting, singing and playing the musical instrument.. I think its time for the tv station to create another reality show entitled :- So cikgu.. you think you can sing/dance/act? kah kah kah..

Not bad eh... but they sang better during the rehearsal yesterday... hari ni darah Gemuruh kot..haha.. and why do I capitalized the G at the word Gemuruh eh? Owh.. it's the Pejal Tahir song la you alls.. Melampau tak aku? Wakakaka...

Calo betah!

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