Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ICTL in Langkawi

And here we are in Langkawi attending a course called ICTL (ICT Literacy) for Year 1-3. They taught us how to browse the internet to look for materials to be used in the classroom and also how to teach using those things given in the CD. I was quite bored actually since I had had the basic for all those things.. haha.. berlagak tak hengat.. But then, there are also some new information that are useful too. Such as how to make games using the Microsoft Excel, which I found it interesting and I had tried to create one activity. Fuhhh.. tak sangka I can create such thing.. The truth is sometimes you think you had known so many things.. but unfortunately you are not. So, jangan eksen and nak timing kat sini.. Hahah..

The shopping spree in Langkawi is also incredible.. eventhough the money has already shrinked, but then all of us managed to finish our last breath of money. Kuikuikui.. We shopped for chocolates (of course), caseroles, thongs etc. Wahhh... pisan mau bawak. I don't know how to carry them on the ferry later on.. Oh.. I'm blogging from Kondo Istana.. hahaha.. tak balik lagi.. Still burning the CD for the school. Haiyaa.. so tiring and boring. Luckily I brought my laptop together with me.. Kalau tak.. boleh pisan kebosanan..ahaahhaha..
The pictures in Langkawi will be updated soon. I didn't bring my cable this time.. so I couldn't download the pictures.. sayang betul.

Anyway I managed to snap this picture using my phone. This is our living room in Kondo Istana. This place is quite spacious with 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets, 1 kitchen and 1 living room. The rate for this room is RM 330 per night. There is also a swimming pool and a cafetaria, two seminar rooms which is quite condusive.

If you are planning to come here, you are welcome to do so. The low budget warungs can be found outside the Kondo Istana. Have a pleasant stay here..hahah.. macam aku ni duta Kondo Istana plak.. Psstt.. the food in Kondo Istana is not so good okay.. You better makan outside..
So, people.. I think I have to log off now. Need to do some other things.. hehe.. I'll be back home today.. tak sabar nak jumpa Encik Salman and the gang.. Really miss those little rascals.. and also Encik Hubby...ngeeee...

Pray for my safety... (^_^)v Amin...

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