Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Difficult or Easy?

My school had the chance to enter the Action Song for the District Level. I am one the teacher along with Nurul and Anis who are responsible to train the children. We decided to choose the Year 3 students because they can read English words very well and brave too. For the first two weeks, we faced difficulties to make them memorize the lyrics and also the dance steps. I felt like my head was crushing through a metal door while thinking about the steps for dancing. It's not an easy job. The competition will be held on the 14th June 2009. It is on Sunday, the first day the school reopen. Crazy eh. So, this school break, I couldn't go anywhere but to train the students. Luckily Anis and Nurul are together. We arrange our holiday schedule to train the students. I chose the first week with Anis and Nurul will train them next Tuesday. I guess I can't have a long break this time due to the killing date!

So, students.. tomorrow is our last day training for the 1st week. I hope that you will come on the next Tuesday. Please remember your steps. We are competing against the elit school eh.. So, please don't drop my waterface on the floor lah!

.: Kalau benda tu kita kata senang, so senang lah dia.. :.

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