Thursday, June 4, 2009

Balik Kampung

I'm going back to my hometown tomorrow insyaAllah.

After spending a few days in school (as if it's not a school holiday), I suddenly discovered that I do love this school. Few years back when I was sent to this school, I felt like everyone was trying to sabotage me (which was right!). I was alone at that time and I prefer to go out often. Conducting courses and so on. I made myself unavailable in school by accepting all sorts of courses. But then, I dunno why, all of the sudden, the environment around the school had changed. I feel like the people starting to accept me (or maybe they had found someone else to be their scapegoat). Maybe because my ignorance towards their negative behaviors to me and maybe sometimes I did some counter attack to those who tried to cantas me. Don't you dare ok!
Encik Nasir once told me that.. these kind of people are everywhere... if you choose to go to other school (yep, I planned too!) there are also similar problems to this. What you have to do is.. just do your job and ignore these people.. they'll get tired and they'll leave you alone. Be sincere in what you do and God will help you.
I remembered when I got some trouble in school (these people tend to blame me for this and that and even threw some sand inside my periuk nasi). I would woke up late at night and did some solat hajat and prayed to God that these people will change and give some petunjuk to them. I even cried softly in my heart when they accused me for something that I did not do.. for instance, leaving the students in the library unattended...which I did not dare to do. In the end, the reporter who accused me doing those things was the one who did that thing.. So pathetic eh.
But then again, I never boycott that person... for me is easy --- Make your friends close, make your enemies even closer! (ayat macho tak hengaaattt!) Hoh!

My fish pond with pink favourite colour.. hahaha.. my sister told me it looks awkward with that colour because she prefers blue instead... but then I think it is adorable..Hehehehhe..

P/S: To those teachers who celebrate their birthday in May, Happy Belated Birthday people, may you have a wonderful life ahead!
-Bonda, Sis Nah, Encik Nasir, Razak, Tn Aji Sobri...happy belated birthday!

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