Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hari Ini Punya Cerita

Today we planned to go to one of the hypermarket in Alor Star. On the way, we met with this smokey house on the picture above. The house was on fire and everything had gone. Kesian...

Then, we continued our journey to have our breakfast first. We saw this...

Helicopter going up and down, I thought it was going to crash.. but then.. owh.. they are having some sort of training.. Then, I remembered.. starting tomorrow 4th May till 8th May there would be an exhibition of Hari Bomba 2009 at the Stadium Alor Star. Everyone is welcomed! Datang jangan tak datang.. datang jangan tak datang.

Then, we continued our journey to one of the fast food restaurant that serves breakfast. Hehehe.. My hubby got a call from his sister saying that she's going to have lunch at our home sweet home. Gosh.. It's eleven... adakah sempat? So, we quickly finished our breakfast and rushed to the nearest hypermarket. We bought the fish, chicken, some vegetables, eggs and also a few other things for cooking. Hoho.. Then, we hurried home. Tak dan cuci mata.. sangat tensi..

I cooked the chicken cooked red... wakakakkaka.. *coba teka apakah masakan itew..*, the fish cooked toyu (gilernye direct translation) and also the vegetable cooked with shrimp.. hahaha..

After a few gossiping (aktiviti wajibul ghunnah nih), changing information, sightseeing around the house, then only we makan-makan. My niece suddenly wat kecoh saying that her handphone was missing.. jengjengjeng.. apakah? apakah? siapakah?
Hunting punya hunting, sekali tertinggal kat Darulaman Chalet daaaaa.. Seb bek ada.. kalau tak nangis tahap gaban la minah itew.. So, they went back home at 3 pm. Aku pon keletihan.. Then, kekanak riang pon keletihan dan Encik Salman tertiton ayu di ruang tamu. Hehehe..

That's all for today. Take care you alls.. Sok sekolahhhh.. tencen!

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