Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To help the slow learners

Ok people, these are the things that can be used to help the slow learners. Have you ever come to a problem where your students have difficulties in recognizing the alphabets? You had shown them the same alphabets over and over again but still fail? Here is some tips to help you in order to help your students to memorize the alphabet better, insyaAllah. These sandpaper alphabets will help your students to touch (the use of the senses) and feel the alphabet. In this way, they could touch the letters and memorize them.
You can prepare your own sandpaper alphabets. The ingredients are as follow.. macam nak buat kek daaa..

Sandpapers - if you can get coloured sandpaper would be nicer lah
Glue (the cow gum glue by Faber Castell macam la depa bayar aku untuk advertisement.. wakakakka.. is recommended!)
Mounting board

How to do it
1. Type out all the alphabets and cut them out. Paste them on the back of the sandpaper (make sure you paste it backward.. sat gi terbalik plak huruf hangpa..)
2. Paste the alphabet sandpapers on the mounting board.. and cut the mounting board onto specific size.. make sure the sizes are the same ok.. except for the letter w and m.. they need more spaces lah.. then, taadaaa... sudah siap.

It looks simple though, but requires a lot of time.. The use of mounting board is helping the teachers.

I will post the pictures of the sandpapers later on la.. Sikalang dah ngantuk tahap gaban! Hoho..

Adios, amigos...

If you have any problems of doing this thing, please email me. I'm willing to help.. chewahhh..


Anuar Manshor said...

Guna duit sendiri ya?

.: mama cute :. said...

dak pong..
sandpaper - mengguda cikgu KH utk dapatkan itu sandpapers..wakkakaka

glue, scissors, papers, ink printer - hak milik library..
seb bek jadi cikgi library.. wakakakka

God Bless Us!

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