Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sudah pencen orang itew....haha

Happy throwing your towel. May you have a wonderful life ahead. Sentiasa ingat pada bumi yang dipijak kerana langit tak selalunya cerah. Sentiasa ingat pada Tuhan dan memohon ampun dan maaf atas kesalahan kebongkakkan kamu yang lalu. Haha...

I'm one of the happiest people on this planet on this day... Sayonara-- to the person who hurts me a lot! I shall keep all my painful memories down under my toilet seat!

Elo Syah, awat hang kejam sangat? Ayat power tak hengaaattt!
Well, this person hurt me before and the words that this person used to attack me are still burning hot like hell inside my head and heart! This person accused me for so many things (actually this person has so many enemies in my workplace..hahaha.. talking about the devil..). I admit that I already forgive this person, but then the scar is still there!

Have a nice day!

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