Saturday, May 23, 2009

The New Semester Begins...headache..headache

Now my honeymoon time is over, the new semester is here and my head is going to be rolling up and down again. I was thinking of reading the module earlier but then..haha..
Right now I'm quite busy training the students for the coming English Carnival at district level. My school had the chance to take part in the district level for the action song. Hoho.. When I heard this, I quickly sms-ed my PK and asked for the budget of the costumes, props etc..hehehe.. pulun beb. My PK said.. no problem, guna duit Panitia Muzik.. Bereeehhhh...
Then, I asked one of the finalist (chewahh..)

"Weh.. action song baper menet haaa.. mine is just around 6 minutes!" (sengal tak aku main masuk tanpa tau baper menet limit dia)
"Isk.. you have to add more la.. sebab dalam rules kena at least 7 minutes!!! Sat gi disqualified plak"
"Punggggaaaahhhh.. mana aku nak carik lagu nih???!! Nak kena pikio tarian lagi.. hat 3 lagu pon mau pecah kepala nak wat..."

Huhu.. aku bukan kareografer ok! Well, a life of a teacher... should know everything..

Now, you know why I'm not blogging for quite some time.. I spend my free time in school to train the students to dance and sing for the coming English Carnival. The date is on the 14th June. Huhuhu.. In order to make them dance and sing well, I too had to do the same thing.. even the passerby --bebudak dok lalu bawah dewan.. told me this..

"Eeee.. teacher macam budak-budak!"
Shuttt uppp!!

And my body is aching here and there.... sakit badan den lama tak menari.. mengalahkan aerobik dei.. So, I think I don't have to go to the gym for the time being eh.. Since being an unprofesional choreographer made my body sweat like..hmm.. tak hengattttt...Balik rumah mesti letih and sleep early (kunun) at night. Nak bertenet also no time deiiii..

My hope that we could make it this time... (not to mention that this is our first time to take part in the action song..hoho)

All the best to teacher Syahidah, Nurul Hidayah and the Year 3 Mawar students.. Terpaksa korban lagi la cuti skola kita tahun ni..hahahaha..


sayalahfaizul said...

cam best je doing those things... saba cikgu... go for it..

.: mama cute :. said...

mmg bes pon..hahahha.. leh kurangkan lemak tepu di pwot den ni hah...

God Bless Us!

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