Monday, March 23, 2009

Salman and His New Hair

This is before the haircut.. hehe
These pictures are specially for Salman's fan. Since he just got his new haircut.. I really hope that his fan would love his hairdo.

We planned to cut his hair a couple of days ago since he looked horrible especially when he's playing outside with the peluh-peluh and of coz that would caused him to smell like hmmm.. for me besh la..for other.. busuk masam.. kekekeke..

In the evening, I waited for hubby to get home and we went to the Barber Shop that belongs to Encik Raja. At first, Salman refused to sit on the seat. He even cried like he was abducted by the aliens... heheh.. Then, Papa sat on the chair and put Salman on his lap. Then, when the barber started to cut his hair, he stopped crying and watched himself in the mirror. Too bad, I didn't bring the camera along. Anyway.. you can see the difference before and after the haircut. Enjoy the pictures people!

So happy with his new hair.

He easily smile in front of the camera.

Posing atas katil abang plak..

Berlakon jadi cikgu.. hehehe...

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