Sunday, March 22, 2009

1st day after holiday

Hoho.. my first day in school after the school break is very exhausting. Hehe..

"Teacher.. teacher... tengok dia nihhhh!"
"Teacher.. teacher.. betul tak jawapan saya?"
"Teacher.. teacher.. kena space one finger kah?"

Teacher here and teacher there... hoho.. lama tak dengaq depa dok hingaq pesen nih. Hehehe..
And the PK also gave some trouble.
"Syah.. leh tak U buat PSPA? I nak benda ni by this Tuesday."
Hoho.. kerja buat kita dei...

*Anyway, I had already turn the anonymous comment on. So, who ever tries to chicken out by giving shitty comments and runs off with anon name.. I would be happy to delete them.. kekeke.. nak2 yang dok promote porno websites tuuu..

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