Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bad Thursday!

We had a fight with the PKsthis feller. GB asked the three of us to be the AJK Hadiah for the Hari Prasekolah in PKG Kodiang. We wanted to go there early(just like anybody else lah) because we need to arrange the tables, the medals on the tables, skirtings etc.. hehe. But then, the PK said..
"Eh, majlis start pukoi sebelas kan? Masuk kelas dulu."
And we were thinking that he's going crazy... We looked at each other with the look of WTFish-is-he-thinking!
Hello.... think straight la dei.. The majlis is at 11, what you expect? You want us to go there at 10.30 and then all the PPD officers will be there and look at our butts tonggeng-tonggeng tayang punkok while arranging the hadiah is it? Very smart la you.. very smart.. I know it's not your fault.. we knew that someone is racuning you. Early in the morning already in the room putting the best poison on earth so that you gonna screw us right?! Keep in mind.. that bitch is really a bitch.. When you listen to her.. you are totally.. exactly like her. Got me! Aiyaaa.. you just drove me crazy man!

You people want to know what happen eh.. You never want to know lah.. It's just a normal thing in life. People with a lot of bad PhD can easily be found in all over the world. This kind of person, (the bitchy ones) will never change lah. This kind of person will make your life miserable. If they think that you are happy, then you are in danger dei.. You are the next target. Crazy people.. must go to psychiatrist lah!

You see what happen? The people were asking for the hadiah, even the Preschool teacher in my school called us to ask us to come early. They were asking for the hadiah...
"Oiii.. hadiah mana oiii.. mana kawan hangpa.. sat gi PPD mai mampoh daaa.."

Allo people.. don't blame us. Blame the PhD people laaa..

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