Saturday, March 28, 2009

Convoy to UUM


At first I decided to stay home. But after I got problems with the internet connection, I quickly changed my super sexy tshirt to a blouse, put on a jacket, wear the tudung etc then I placed my butt nicely on the seat...heheh..
My hubby was curious..
"Eh last nite kata tanak ikut."
"So.. takleh ikut lah?"
"Hmm..boleh.. jom lah. Budak-budak ni macam mana?"
"I already arrange-lah. Dok sat kat umah ayah."
Then we started our journey to UUM. Eh.. lupa nak kasi tau. I followed my hubby for a convoy to UUM Sintok. The Northern Bikers got some kind of exhibition in conjunction to the Expo for Graduation Day in UUM. So, this is my first experience to follow them. Hehehe.. teruja gilaaakkk...

Waiting for others.. lepaking under the bridge.

On the way to UUM, the rain was running like cats and dogs. Hoho.. basah beb.. Everything were wet including the inner thing lah. Tak menahan. First time konvoi ujan plak. Kuikuikui..
When we entered UUM, the people were looking at us with envy faces..chewah.. penuh keperasanan ketika ini.. wakakkakakaa. Then, they parked their bike on the center of the parking lot.. which is super big and all the visitors came nearer to have a look on the bikes. Sangat ramai and sangat havoc.

Still waiting for others.. apa daaa.. lambat.. Ni kat entrance UUM.

Then, while the people were busy looking at the bikes, we ate under the tent.

Menu : Nasi goreng ayam (aku tencen.. I just ate the chicken..hoho) and air sirap (lagi jiwa kacau)

After that, who ever wants to try on the bike, they may do so. The ladies (there were only six of us--gatai nak ikut laki..wakkakakaka)were saying..
"Oit.. budak pompuan jangan bagi naik. Bukan leh caya depa nih!"
"Ha ah.. tapi biasanye depa pilih motot hat paling mahai!"
In my heart.. selamat kot motot laki den.. wakakkakaa..Memang benar selamat because nobody wants to ride on Mr Hubby's bike. Maybe because we put our jackets and helmets on the bike.. wakakkaka.. taktik tanak bagi orang naik.. wakakkakaka...

Baru lepas makan. Hoho. Pusing2 cuci mata plak..

We are the Northern Bikers.. chewah.. orang Metro latang amik gambo.

My favourite biker!

Eh.. tak sempat posing manja.. alahai..

Sudah la Bie, enough ok. I couldn't stand it anymore. Hello.. motot mahai pong... kalo ujan basah kuyup abis semua spenda basah ! Hoh!

Bila orang len sebuk nengok motot.. aku sebok nengok nih.. wakakakkaka..

Before we went back, we dropped by at the small circuit in UUM to have some ride.. Macam Sepang daaa litar dia.. Sekali rasa macam dalam Grand Prix daaa.. (ke Cub Prix) kuikuikui... We arrived home nearly seven. Huhu.. sangat letih..

Till then.. papai... (seplo kali nguap dei..)

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