Friday, March 20, 2009

My School Holidays and I

I promised not to blog till Sunday. But then.. my tangan still itchy to blog about my school holidays. Yess.. I had been busy for a while but still.. managed to play around and wasting my precious time.. I still got time to do this and that rather than reading the academic books for the coming final exams -- APRIL.. huwaaaaaaa.... as usual.. nyesal plak tak baca buku. Hoho.

Let me start off with the first and the second day of the school holiday...

Friday - went to the market -- our weekly routine. Had our lunch at my MIL's house. Each one of us had to bring 1 type of lauk. After Friday prayer, we went to look for the presents since I was one of the AJK Hadiah for our Family Day. Went back nearly 12 midnite because we had to wrap the presents on that day. Senang citer.

The dishes on that day. I made the masak lomak ayam. Sodap...

Some of the presents and gifts for the coming Family Day.

Saturday - lepaking in the house. browsing the net, looking for the materials.
Sunday - went to school... gossiping, scandaling, umpating I'm on duty on this day. Hehe

Went to the bank... just want to make sure whether I'm still rich or not. Wakakakaka.. Then, I had a lunch date with these beautiful ladies..

Fathique - the one in orange blouse. Everything we ate -- dia belanja. Thanks Fathique. The lady with the iklan gigi -- Sharon. Just gave birth to her seventh child. Hoho..

Pwincess Di -- the Mami Jarum among us. Eh.. hari ni kurang plak barang emas mek nih.. wakakakka... and me -- with iklan gigi also.

That very nite, I hopped on the bus with Adam and travelled to this place...

We arrived here early in the morning. Around 5.45 a.m. Afraid that I might missed the Subuh prayer, we took a taxi and went to this house. Hehe... coba teka..

Yes, Saintis.. you are right! I'm in Melaka...ngeeee...

I waited for my sisters to get back from Singapore, KL and Kelantan. After they arrived, we started our sisterly chat. We chatted and giggled just like the old days. How we missed each other so much. As usual, the acara tukaq2 hadiah or fondly known as acara menanam dimulakan.

Then, we went out to have our outings and ate the delicious yummy-yummy cendol along with the famous rojak. It's in Bunga Raya road. The only mamaks stalls around. You can't missed them.

Alo macha.. nice view eh..

The cendol is really tasty and super duper delicious I tell youuuu!

Eh.. termakan rojak... hehehe

Ini macam punya tempting.. sapa bole tahan daaa...

At night, around 10 pm. Adik came home and he brought along the special cake and also a bucket of fried chicken to our house! It's mommy's birthday. It's her 65th birthday! Semoga Mak dimurahkan rezeki dan diberi kesihatan yang optimum. We still need you Mak!

Eh.. terbeli lagi.. ngeeee...

Mak cut the cakes...while Dad just watched her smiling. Miss Babah already :((

Alang and I were sharing the cake. Oh.. I'm not supposed to eat late at nite. I really hate myself for doing this! >:(

Daniel, Angah and Alang. We had so much fun together. Bila lagi bisa ketemu ya... This is what happen when each one of lives so far-far away. One in Kelantan, two in KL, two in Singapore, two in Melaka and myself in Kedah. Huhu. This time is so much happier because most of us except Angah and Uda did not bring our husbands along. Hehe.. Even I just bring Adam. Hehehe

Wednesday - Getting ready to get back to our own houses.

Uda is thinking how to get all the things on her car boot.

Her hubby still managed to get the nangka to bring it back to Singapore. Haru betoi...

Sayonara sisters! We'll meet again insyaAllah.

That nite, Adam and I started our journey back to Kedah and we arrived in Tanah Merah the next day.

Thursday - Arrived early in the morning. So many things to carry home. With two sewing machine... leh patah tangan den. Luckily my hubby arrived on time. Kalau tak, jenuh usung deiiii...
Around 8, invited Kakak to come along and we chit chatted for a while. In the afternoon, I started cooking for lunch and fed Salman that had waited for my cookings unpatiently. All the time he will cried for Nak Syikk....Syiikkk.. means he wants the rice. Sabau je aku. Then only I started to type the assignment.

Friday - It's the Family Day..yeay!!!
I woke up at three to continue typing the assignment. Then at 10 am, we went to my MIL's house. On the way to my MIL's, we met with this STUPIDO car. The one the right with the Johor plate number. So stupid and so stubborn because he didn't know how to drive on the single lane road. Hope he won't die while driving. Hopefully he could say the Kalimah before he died. Hoho..

Can you spot the STUPIDO?!

Back to the Family Day. The first event was the senamrobik.

Senam jangan tak senam...

Next is the colouring contest. Salman pon join venture daaa...

Beratur untuk mendaftar diri tuan!

The Orange family!

After the colouring contest, the men went to the mosque and the women prepared the makan-makan. We started the sukaneka around 3.30pm. Sungguh lazat. My FIL forced me to eat the rice. I had to eat the rice again!!!!

Angkat ikrar before the sukaneka. Hehe..

Tiup belon by the parents and the kids had to make it TEBAAABOOMMM POOOMMM!!!!

Isi aiyaq dalam botoi mineral kenit.

Acara bowling kepala kelapa. Beriya-iya Encik Hubby melontar.. tapi takde pin yang jatuh.. wakakkakaka....

Muka sengal sebab kalah! Hoho.. We just won the first prize for the best dressed only. Wakakakakkakaa

Family picture!

The result. Hoho.. We only won 1 game and it was the third place.. played by Naufal. Hehehe.. Better than Long Bah rite!

Salman managed to get the consolation prize for bawak bola pingpong dalam sudu. Heheheh..

After the prize giving ceremony, the kids rushed to the pool that Tok Ayah had created for them for the big SPLASH!

These are the prizes that we got.
1. The BOOM for Win, Lose or Draw - I managed to get 2nd place. Terer aku nih.. wakakkaka
2. Bihun EKA - consolation prize for Kembar Siam
3. The tabung burgers - for colouring contest. Adam got third place, Naufal got fourth place.
4. Mickey's notebooks - for Adam and Naufal. Game Isi Air dalam Botoi - consolation prize gak
5. Magic Crunchies with toothbrush - Naufal - third place in Bawak Pingpong Dengan Sudu.
6. Mug - Baling belon ada air kat dalam
7. Strawberry Shortcake wallet - for Adam - Carik Gula Dalam Tepung
8. The green toothbrush without the chocolate (dia makan daaa) - Salman got it for Bawak Bola Ping Pong Dalam Sudu
9. Kiss Chocolate Wafer - aku lupa hadiah main game apo.. wakakkaka
10. The orange cap - for musical chair. Consolation prize. Hehehehe

Sekianlah laporan I all hari ni. We meet again next week for more adventures and exciting stories about my syok sendirik life. Hehehhe.. Chow bebeh!


Kokoro said...

amboii meriahnye cuti ko

mohd nor a.k.a saintis said...

nanti buat sukaneka jgn lupa ajak aku sekali...hahaha... by the that cendol and rojak makes me REALLY hungry at 2.30am ...huhuhh...

.: mama cute :. said...

kokoro :
mmg meriah bangat.. aku paling syok sbb 1st time cuti skola without the KURSUS! Hahahhaha.. gelak besor.. bes bes.. bes betoi bila ETeMS dabis.. heheehee

saintis :
ko mo latang ke.. bleh aja si.. satu family rm50. tak mahal.. ekekke.. nnti ko dtg melaka aku bawak pi sini no.. hehhee

cian hang lapaq.. zannen nee.. kekeke

Anuar Manshor said...

Fuh meriah sungguh! Eh Isnin dah mula mengajar ya?!hahaha

.: mama cute :. said...

oit.. bukan senin dei.. ahad daaaa... tu dok golak2 dongki la tu den coti lamo.. wakakkakaka.. takpe.. nnti bulan 6 coti lagi.. wakkakakakaka..

God Bless Us!

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