Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why is it always the youngest?

My friend told me that she was afraid of losing his fourth child. I asked her why. She believed that if we love one of our child more than the others, the God will take the child earlier than the others. I told her.. that's a crap!. I gave her my theory.

Let's have some flashback..
Did you remember when the first time you deliver your child? At that moment, you were still young, vulnerable because you had no experience at all about how to take care of a baby. Furthermore, you just entered the marriage world. You were still trying to get use of the marriage life. Then, the baby came along during your unstable time. Why do I say unstable? Ok, this is what I meant... When you first got married, you had nothing, zero (just like me...) You started everything all over again. (Unless you're marrying a billionaire)You had just opening a new chapter of you life with your loved ones. Your money will go like water jet.. kuikuikui..buying new things, especially refridgerator, cooking tools, furnitures, washing machine and so on, just to fit in your new rented house. Not forgetting, a new workplace, if you are following your spouse.
Back to my friend's story, at the time you were so busy adjusting and adapting your new world, of course we will sometimes forgot about that child. Then, came another baby and another one.. and the time passed by..
After a few years, you had settled everything.. you got your own house, car, financially stable and so on. Then,came the new baby. This time around, you had so many time and so many loves to give to the newborn baby. And that's why you will feel like you love the youngest child most. It's normal.

So..let's read my story plak.
I am the second youngest in my family. I have 8 siblings. So, my sisters always told me that my brother and I were so lucky. We were able to go everywhere with my parents, including overseas trips all over the place. We also had so many toys compared to my sisters. Anything that we wanted will be fulfilled by my parents..however I still feel that my parents love my brothers most than myself. Why? Because there are only two males among us. My older brother and my younger brother. Both are number six and eight. I caught up in the middle. That's why they used to call me TOMBOY.
Anyway, I still think that it is a normal thing to love the youngest child more than the others.. thus, they are the only child left since all the elders had been away studying, working and so on. Why must you feel afraid that you might lose the child that you love most? It's qada' and qadar. You never know who's going first right? So, love your child as much as possible. But, please don't neglect your elder child. Sat gi jeles tahap gaban.. mampuih depa ungkit.. kahkahkah.
Just like my eldest son, Adam. I knew that he wanted my attention sometimes. He would cried and pleading me to do this and that and sometimes he would do things to make me feel angry with him. Of course, sometimes I got mad with him. But then, when I think again.. oh, this boy is lack of my love...hehe.. What did I do? Well, I will pat him gently when he sits beside me. Not forgetting the hugs and kisses.I found that he really likes me to do that to him. Unlike Salman, I love to kiss him and hug him until he feels suffocate.. and I know Salman hates me for doing that! He would cry angrily when I'm doing it. Haha.. Ironic eh?

The moral of the story, spend your quality time as long as you can...if you can.. hehe

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