Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Birthday Celebration

My hubby called me at 6.00 and asked me to pick him up in front of Yawata. So, I quickly got dressed and drove the car with the kids. He was waiting for me by the roadside. Suddenly he said..
"Papa lapaq lah."
"Nak makan apa?"
"Ntah.. Mama nak makan apa?"
"Can we go to Secret Recipe?"
"Ok jugak.. birthday girl punya pasal, jom lah."
So, off we go.

Muka syok dapat makan pree.. ekekekeke

The birthday cake. Since I'm on diet, I just took a bite of the cake. The rest went to Papa and the kids. Huhu.. bes giler Chocolate Chip Walnut nih..

Papa chose this.. the Grilled Blackpepper Chicken... mengiurkan..

This is mine... habis diet den.. The Carribean Seabass apo ntah nama dia.. kekekeke

The kids' favourite.. nasib baik aku dah suapkan nasi kat depa kenyang-kenyang kol 3.00 tadi.. wakkakakakakaa.. depa pon kenyang bangat.. so order ice-cream aje.. jimaton..

Papa and the kids were eating the ice-cream. Nyeles gue..

Before we got home, Papa brought me to one of the boutique there. He asked me to choose any blouse that I want. And I chose this. This blouse can be wear with slacks or sarong. Multipurpose blouse la kiranya. Santek kan?

Rasa ayu polak.. kuikui..

Apart from the blouse, this is another gift from him. Coba teka yang mana satu.. wakakakakka...

Anyway, thanks Bie my brighten up my day. He knew that I was a bit tense with the coming exams. He tried to cheer me up. He really knew my weaknesses... shopping.. hehe. Thanks for making my day. And I would also say Thank You to my cute niece, the Tweety Bird for dedicating a birthday wish for me in her blog. You made me kembang setaman my dear.. kekekeke...

Apa pon, aku terlupa bawak banner birthday aku kat sini.. ehhehe..
Happy birthday ME!


Anuar Manshor said...

Hari lahir yang ke-?

.: mama cute :. said...

ke 30..dengan bangganya.. wakakakkaa

God Bless Us!

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