Saturday, November 22, 2008

Congrats Melaka and Georgetown the World Heritage

I would like to congratulate my hometown Melaka and my state neighbour, Penang for being the World Heritage by UNESCO(if I am not mistaken). As you all know, Melaka is the best place to visit during the holidays.. eventhough I hate to go back to Melaka during holiday seasons... This is because I have a hard time to jalan-jalan and shopping... the tourist are all over the place and I cannot shop peacefully. I prefer to shop where there is less people just like a day before Hari Raya. Only a few people can be found in front of the big ship, and in Mahkota Parade, I could peacefully shopping with my hubby and sister. What a relief. I wouldn't dare to enter Melaka especially in Banda Hilir area during the school holidays, nak-nak after 10 in the morning... you can never find a parking lot for your car. You need to park your car so far away and walk. Penat giler beb.
So, congrats again to both states for being the World Heritage :)

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