Tuesday, November 18, 2008

While I was away Part 4

Since my husband was transferred to be the head department of the orphanage centre, he had been extra busy. Compared to the old folks centre, I could see that my hubby spent less time with us especially now he is busy looking for the new candidates to stay in the centre. He will come back late every single day and sometimes he had to go and spent his night outside. Huhu. Boringnya Papa takde. So, during the first week of the school holiday, his staffs had arrange some activities the children. They conducted a telematch for the children. The telematch was held at the Bandar Darulaman Park which is just a kentut away from my house..wakakakakkaa...

Looking for sweets eh?

Bringing the ping pong ball on the spoon. kuikuikui..

More ping pong on the spoon...

My kids and I. We are the REDS.. kuikuikui..

Makan-makan time. Salman pulun makan tanak tengok kamera langsung.

Salman happy bangat dapat naik buaian ngan Mama dia.

Papa and the boys. Salman still eating.. cheh!

Me posing kejap.. kekekeke. Santek kan tudung I all nih.. My mom bought this for me.. Anak kesayangan la kata.. wakakakakakaka...

On the club car. Oh ye, you just have to pay RM12 to have a ride on this car. Awesome!

The telematch ended at 12 noon. All of us were super duper tired.. donno what to do.. Just hurried home and ZZzzzZZzzzzz.... kekekeke

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