Tuesday, November 18, 2008

While I was away Part 3

This is day of Adam Darwisy and Naufal Sameer's Convocation Day.. chewah. We took this opportunity to snap the picture inside the studio at their kindergarten. Thanks to Asasjey for the wonderful photo.

Taken at the studio. RM10 only for the 10R size. Murah bangatt...

Adam standing at his own picture. Can you spot which one is Adam?

Salman likes to walk on his own. He refused to hold my hand... Gosh.. asik jalan aje..letih den..

The masak-masak session. Memang mengganggu jiwa dietku. Huhu.. Anyway, I just took the rojak buah and a little bit of char kuew teow.

Naufal being the Pak Lah Bedawi. kuikuikui

Naufal with his action as the Prime Minister yang krookkhhh....krrokkhhh.. I forgot to ask him to sleep on the stage..waakakakakakakaka

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