Tuesday, November 18, 2008

While I was away Part 1

Salam u alls.. I'm so lazy to elaborate about so many things. I will just post the pictures to tell you what I've been doing for the past two weeks. A picture speaks a thousand words kan..
Anyway, these pictures were taken during my GC course in Pangkor Island.

Welkom to Pangkor.. Queuing up to get on the ferry.

Makan-makan session

Photography session

The photographers... tak profesional punya.. wakakkakaka

Ni satu lagi.. eh.. beg aku pon enterprem.. wakakakakkaka

My roomates.. hehe.. shopping session. Over here, the things are quite cheap lah. Beli jangan tak beli.. kekekke

The arca apo ntah in front of the jetty. Amik pi laaaa...

Then, we arrived at Jitra around 8.30pm. I gotanother course in Sungai Petani on the same day I arrived in Jitra. My friend in Sungai Petani called me and asked when will I be there. Gosh.. I was so damn tired.. huhu.. Anyway, I went to SP on the next day. Kalau pi on that nite pon, no point because it takes two hours to arrive in SP. Buat letih and peluh tiak aje.. kuikui..
So, I went to SP early in the morning.My hubby drove me there. Lazy to drive lor..

The next day in Sungai Petani. Two groups joined in one room. Very the penuh...

As usual they picked me to be the MC for the closing ceremony. Mencik lar.. tapi takpe la kan.. giler glamer kan..wakakakakkaka

The geng jahat members.. wakakakkaka

On the way home... I got a driver ooo...

This is Sis Nor.. my beloved driver. Thanks for driving me home ya.. She's such a nice lady. She even gave me a pearl necklace as a gift. Hehe.. Nanti gue tempek kat sini kalau rajin yo...

Having a fun time with the kids after being away for quite some time.Miss you all babies.

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