Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm back..ngeee

Salamz you all..
It had been ages I hadn't come in here to drop a few lines.. You guys must be wondering.. haha.. Well.. let me admit.. I FORGOT to pay the bills.. shit eh.. wakakakakakakka.... It happened like this.. I thought my hubby had already paid for the bills... he thought that I had paid the bills already.. In the end, we got the red letter indicated that we haven't pay any.. kuikui.. still.. I promised my hubby that I will settle the bill later. Then, I was busy with my assignments laa.. courses laa and so on.. so..again.. I forgot about it.. And the next day (after 2 days I got back from SP), I wanted to call my mum, then I heard this lady husky voice saying that the perkhidmatan is no longer available la lebih kurang.. sila jelaskan bil anda.. kuikui.. sengal aku ni.. padan muko den. Anyway, now I am at my hubby's office. So, I don't know when I'm going to pay the bill.. (luit aku dah mengurus sbb pi outstation sampai 2 tempat this month.. huhu). Till then people... tata... have a nice day you alls.. Miss you a lot my fellow bloggies.. kuikuikui
To my sisters in Spore -- korang tunggu la aku settle bil, kita chatting lengkali ek.. in the meantime.. berSMS la kita.. hehe
To my readers - sorry to dissapoint you people. (chewahh.. macam la orang berbilion yang dok baca blog aku nih.. kuikui)
Anyway.. be right back later la ek..
Pray for me.. I'm going to have my final exams on the 27th November, 2nd December and the last one will be on the 15th of December. Hoping that I could get straight A's this time. InsyaAllah.

Oklah.. nak blah dah.. adios people! Muahss :)

P/S: Lupa plak.. I have lost 5 kilos within 2 weeks.. hehehe

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