Monday, October 27, 2008

Thanks to Bie

Today, I went out with my friend. After that, I went to my MIL's house and helped her to do this and that and we got home. Got some guests waited for us. My BIL came with his children. Since my sister is in Sabah, he decided to go to Perlis with his friend. He brought along his children. Jadi bapak tunggal kejap. On the way home, my hubby dropped by at his twin brother FIL's house. I just waited in the car. Then, came the cute girl, Batrisyia.

"Ni, Papa bagi kat Adam, Naufal ngan Mak Ndak".
"Oh, thank you Tisya. Makan dah ke?"
"Makan dah"
"Papa beli apa kat Tisya?"
"Beli t-shirt macam Adam jugak tapi kaler len"
"Cantik tak Tisya?" I asked her and showed her my wrist.
"Ha ah, cantik". She giggled..

After some time, my hubby got back into the car.

"Ok, mama. This is for you. As your birthday present."
"Aik.. ye ke.. cepatnya. Thanks Bie."
Ingat la polak. Normally, he never remember my birthday. Oh.. baru teringat, a few days back I asked him what does he want for his birthday.. patot la pong.. dan dan teringat. Tak pon tencen kot sbb aku hingaq.. wakakakkkaka

Anyway, thanks for the new present sayang. May God bless you and our family. Semoga sayang dimurahkan rezeki selalu (supaya I leh mintak macam2 lagi.. kuikuikui)

Ait.. apa dia beli ek.. Hehe.. Malu plak nak eksen kat sini.. wakakkakaka.. nevermind, I will give you some clue ok.. It is one of the most important thing in communication.. Haha.

I am so-s0 happy from the moment I got the present till now. Hehehe..
Psstt.. I already turun 3 pounds after 3 days of dieting.. Yeayyyyy!!!!

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