Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fathique spoiled my diet!!!

Just got back from Fathique's house. She invited my family and I to her open house. I thought it was just a normal open house. Sekali pergi.. naahh.. there were a lot of hawker stalls inside her house. The roti bom/prata stall, char kuew teow stall, roti jala stall, bihun sup, satay, ketupat and many more lah. Even the water also you can order. Nak milo ais buleh, nak kopi jantan buleh.. wakakkakaka.. you name it, you got it. And of coz, tak sampai hati polak tak makan apa2. I was looking for the fruit or salad stall.. Takde ? Hampeh ko Fathique. Kata nak wat salad kat we all yang on diet nih.. Waaaaaa... In the end, I ate a small plate of char kuew teow.

Kak D, my diet-mate refused to come to Fathique's house.
"I bukan tanak datang, tapi I tanak spoil my diet lah. Penat tau nak jaga schedule makan I nih. You habaq kat Fathique naa.. I know she will understand."
You are damn right, Kak D. I really spoiled my diet tonite.. Huwaaaa.. I need to start all over again! Gosh.. I hate myself!

Fathique, you just spoiled my diet already maaa...

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