Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm starving!

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First day without rice, chickens, meats, fish, chicken stocks (kiub pati ayam daaa), sotong bes, mayonese and sweet drinks.

These are my menu.

- 2 glasses of plain water should be taken before I brush my teeth.
- 1 apple / orange / kiwi (eat slowly okay)
- 1 glass of plain water (again..)
later on..
- 1 mug of Reliv drinks.. hehe (so that my stomach will feel kenyang a bit)

- 1 glass of plain water
- 1 bowl of vegetable soup
-1 mug of Reliv drinks

Dinner (at 6 pm ok)
- 1 glass of plain water
- 1 apple/orange/kiwi
- 1 glass of plain water

* 1 lemon with 500ml of water
Vegetable soup - cabbage + celery + capsicum + tomato
- seaweed + carrot + button mushroom
- choose any vegetables that I like.. huhu

*After 6 pm, I should minimize my drinks and I should not take any more fruits to make sure that my rahim will stay healthy (pooolaaaakkk)

Ok, this menu is just for a week. But then, I'm starving like hell now! Huwaaa... Yang paling tencen, last night my hubby brought home the roti John. Just now, my neighbour gave me fried mee (sedap gilerr tuuuu). Sehingga kini mataku asyik beralih ke mee sedap tuh.. huhu
What shall I do? Huwaaaaa... tensen sungguh minggu nih.. Tomorrow I got an invitation to an open house, the after that polak Fathique buat open house.. rugi la deiiii!!!! Tak leh makan!

In the end, untuk berjaya memang melalui jalan yang penuh liku dan cabaran.. huhu

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