Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Yana

Just wanna wish Happy Birthday to my beloved niece. I remembered when she was nearly born, her mom, Alang was calling my mom and said that the baby was going to be born very soon. The contraction was quite fast and she really cried and asked my mom to come as soon as she can. My mom asked my sister to calm down and of course there's nothing more that we can do from Melaka. Hehehe..
Then, we went there. The cute baby had arrived. She's so adorable, with small eyes, big cheeks and BALD.. wakakakakakak.. a few months later, we called her the Tweety Bird because her face was exactly like the Tweety Bird...still with very few hair.. kuikuikui.. (gelak guling-guling nih) Sangat somel and till now she still one of the favourite cucu among others. Hehe.. sat gi ada orang nyeles polakkk..
Anyway, just wanna wish you Happy Birthday to you sweetie. May God bless you and your family and hope that you are going to be success in future.

p/s:Jangan lupa kat Mamida yang somel ni ok.. kuikuikui..

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