Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hari Raya Part 1

Salamz everyone,
As I stated earlier, I was quite busy before, during and after Raya. I couldn't even steal the time! Huhu... But then, I would say that this Raya was quite different from previous Raya because :-

of the Best things happen in my life...
a) I managed to bake some cakes and kuih raya which normally I would just buy it.
b) I was able to sell my mother-in-law's tudung and telekung to my friends (laku bangat!)
c) I was able to sell my neighbour's kuih raya as well.. ehehhe.. and got some kamsen from it.
d) Got the bonus from the gomen..heheh.. last year tatak bonus.. hampeh!
e) My hubby bought me a crystal bangle... as a Raya present.. ehehe
f) We were able to visit old friend in Sri Carcosa, Seremban and Kampung Melayu Subang..(nice meeting you guys!)

some of the not so best thing happen in my life
a) Some of my favourite sister were not in Melaka during the 1st day of Raya... wakakkakaa..
b) Attended the family meeting which did not turn up well.
c) Knowing that some of us were feeling left out (pilih kasih la kata...)
d) Being one of the balaci for quite some time.. ada orang jadi mem besar, didn't bother to help especially during the time where we need to prepare the breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Anyway, I really love to see all my relatives during the Raya Eve. Especially the orang kampung, Mak Kiah's group, Si Kakak's group, Kak Sarah's group and so on. Thanks for being such wonderful people you guys.. Ntah bila kita kan bisa ketemu lagi. God bless you all!

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