Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hari Raya Part 2

During the Hari Raya, we usually go back to Babah's kampung to visit his relatives. These are the usual routine that we do during Hari Raya without fail.

The First Day of Hari Raya
1. Go to the mosque for the Solat Sunat Aidilfitri
2. Get back to Mom's house and having a breakfast (normally Kak Ina will bring the ketupats, rendangs etc for the breakfast)
3. Forgive and forget session.. wakakkakaka
4. Duit Raya session
5. Camwhoring session....wakakakaka.. aku dok google kat wikipedia to look for the meaning and taadaaaa... hampeh..

The Second Day of Hari Raya
1. Stay at Mom's house..
2. Cleaning the house.. mopping etc
3. Preparing the masak2 to serve the guests..
4. Get ready to be ugly.. at this time.. all of us are like the Hot BIBIK in town.. kuikui. This year we just made the Mee Kari.. the plan to make the Roti Jala was cancelled due to lack of manpower.. we got so many tukang makan.. only a few are willing to be the tukang masak.. in the end.. jangan carik penyakit.. just masak the Mee Kari.. senang!

The Third Day of Hari Raya
1. Start to visit neighbours such as Mak Bedah's family (which I didn't go because takde geng.. huhu)etc
2. Doby-ing session polak.. Normally the person who is in charge of the laundry is Alang and also Al-Ayubi.. since Alang came back to Melaka late this year, Al-Ayubi had taken the place. He started his laundry session from the morning until 3 o'clock in the morning. Hehehe..macih Pak Ayob
3. Chit-chatting la..gossiping etc

Day Four
1. Some of us starts packing to get back to our own houses including myself.
2. Got an urgent family meeting.. luahan perasaan dan rasa tak puas hati yang very the lame one lah.. Get a life la dei..before you pinpoint at someone else.. look into yourself first.. Niamah!

Salman is getting duit raya from Datuk and Nenek..

Sampul Raya from Wawan.. custom made.. wakakkakaa

Beratur lekaih.. sapa nak luit..

Minah and mamat perasan comel dok promoting diri..Oh ye.. mamat beside me nih still single.. sapa mauu? Lelong-lelong.. wakakkakaa

The aunties and the nephew pakat giler glamer...Encem kan anak sedara aku nih.. sapa mau.. lelong-lelong.. kuikuikui..ada muka macam ala2 Alif Aziz ker.. kuikui

This year, everybody has their own cameras.. so the one who snap the pictures will have a handful of cameras dangling.. except Soguy who prefer to handle his camera himself.. sat g jatuh.. naya dei.. Anyway, these are some of the pictures during Hari Raya. Miss you all.. especially my favourite ones.. huhu.. (I keep on repeating the word favourite since one of us felt that way.. since you highlited it, I might as well rehighlited it over and over again!) Thanks for reminding us >:(


Anuar Manshor said...

Gambar ketiga itu tarikhnya 2008/10/01. Gambar keempat pula 2008/10/04. Amboi amboi lamanya melaram dengan baju yang sama. haha

.: mama cute :. said...

nak wat mcm mana.. baju ni aje yang ada same kaler.. hat len suma tak sepadan anak beranak.. kuikuikui..

God Bless Us!

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