Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bestnye garden salad

Ok, this is my meal for the week ahead!

Today, after my class in Sungai Petani, my friend asked me to drop by at Gurun. She wanted to have her lunch. So, we went to the RnR in Gurun. There were so many people there. Siap ada promotion Ambank.. cesss.. nak soh aku wat hutang lagik..
Then, we walked into the KFC.My friend bought the snack plate, cheezy wedges and F&N Orange.. terliur aku. And for the first time in my life I bought the garden salad. Huahuahua.... My friend was surprised.
"Aik.. you makan ni aje?"
"Yep.. I'm on diet lar.."
"Tahan ke?"
"Boleh gagah"
"You bagi la menu u kat I, I pon nak diet lah"
"Hokay" and we keep on eating..
Tak menahan aku nengok ayam dia yang bes itu.

At home, I told my hubby about the garden salad that I took during lunch. My hubby brought me to Aneka and bought all the greenish things for me.
"Nak kurus punya pasal, jom kita cari macam KFC punye salad"

At 6.30, I ate another bowl of salad. Not bad at all.. hehe (Sebab hubby yang tolong buat.. I just wait and eat.. kuikui)

Bila la seksa ni akan berakhir....

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