Friday, September 5, 2008

Breaking fast at my MIL's house

As usual every year, during the 1st of Ramadhan, we will gather at my MIL's house to break our fast. Since my hubby's siblings is 10 of them (not including the spouse and children), so you can imagine how crowded we were. Only 2 families were not there since one is in Sabah and another one is in KL. Eh.. my hubby's twin brother was not there either.. maybe sbb crowded and they prefer to have a quiet breakfast with his family.
So, the meal were superb and as usual I brought my own special hand made samosa. Bawak banyak tapi licin selicin2-nya. Maklumla.. fresh from the oven.
Later on, I was planning to make the blossom cake that my sister taught me. I already bought all the ingredients, but no time to do it at the moment. Tomorrow lah kalau rajin.. wakakka..(eh.. sok aku kuliah polakkkk...)
And as usual, during Ramadhan, it is a good time to gather recipies. Right now, I have two recipies in queues... menunggu untuk dibikin.. wakakkakka.. The first one is the blossom cake and another one is the corn jelly. Yang besnya, bahan2 dah cukup.. cuma timing je tarak. Hope that I could make the makanan A.S.A.P
Anyway, to all the Muslim readers.. have a blessed Ramadhan ahead :)


Ilham Arisa said...

makan pree memang sedap...sampai x muat tempat cam lalat urung makanan...hehehhe

.: mama cute :. said...

biasa la weh.. jangan la nyeles.. wakakakaka

God Bless Us!

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