Sunday, August 24, 2008

I got promoted :) and also PISSED OFF! >:(

This morning I got a letter from the JPN about the GC . I don't know whether to be happy or not. To accept or decline the offer.. I still don't know.. but to feel good about it YES. To accept the offer means I will have a tremendous increment in my salary but at the other side.. MORE AND MORE WORK.. hehe. I will make my decision after I go to SP for the taklimat.
It would be a busy time for me this week. On the 26th till 28th I have to go to IPDA for the First Step course, then on the same 26th evening, I have a meeting regarding the ETeMS Last Cohort (I think..hehe) that will be conducted after Raya, then on the 27th, I have to go to SP for the taklimat.. And all the dates are collided with the First Step course. I dunno what to do larr..Of coz, all the three agendas are equally important. Luckily the meeting and the taklimat is in the evening, so I have to go here and there on the two days. Huhu..

Apart from that, this morning I walked into my class and I saw the worst scenario ever.... my class turned upside down as if the place was being amok by some kind of freaking people. I went on investigating and I was so mad and I quickly went to the assembly and asked which class used my class during the holidays. They really put up their hands.. after their brave pengakuan, I asked them to go to my class and cleaned my classroom just like it was left before the holidays. Actually, I don't blamed the pupils 100%, it was the teachers who are in charged when they are in the class actually. However, some of my colleagues told me that the teachers in charge were doing nothing when they were in class and that made me even more grrraaammm...I thought as teachers you should teach your pupils to be discipline in class and should have asked them to take care of people's property. It was sad when this kinda of things happened in my place.. in my school to be precise. So, I have made my decision, not to give to any other class to PINJAM-PINJAM my class anymore.. You want to use the classroom, you use YOUR OWN CLASSROOM. Enough is ENOUGH! I told the pupils.. my pupils is not their ORANG GAJI (MAID) or BALACI because everytime they use the class on Saturdays, my pupils always have to clean the classroom and have to pick up the thrashes which are NOT THEIRS.. This is really unfair for my pupils eh..

The arrangement of the desks and chairs are everywhere.. the garbages are being swept by my pupils.. Pity them..Even some of the table clothes ROSAK and the plastic covers are already GONE.. their name tags are everywhere. I really hate this kind of thing.. They dunno how to appreciate people's property.. I was really pissed off and I felt like swearing all of them from A to Z... after snapping these pictures, I quickly went to the assembly and forced the guilty party to clean up the mess..

My pupils after their class being cleaned by the Tahap 2.
The teachers who are in charge should clean the class too.. Unfortunately, they can make their taik innocent faces in front of me. ^*&^*^$#%%&*^(**( YOU! So HOH!
Dah la ngajor tu orang bagi elaun, pehtu kelas tanak jaga.. time duit hangpa mau nooooo!!! Tak bertanggungjawab betul. Aku geram tahap GABAN masa nih.

P/S: I shouldn't marah the teachers sbb melanggar etika perguruan.. tapi WTF.. Who cares eh.. No one cares.. no one is taking the responsibility.. So.. why must I follow the etika now? Suddenly I'm not feeling that I have the heart to follow the etika for today. Kalau korang kena macam mana? Still nak ikut etika? Anyway.. in blog aku.. suka ati aku nak cakap apa.. Tak suker aku membebel... dan korang rasa aku melanggar etika? If you think that I am so mean...Sila tekan sini.. AND DON'T COME BACK! (Ayat Arnold SusahNakEja)...kuikuikui

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