Friday, August 29, 2008

First Step - Writing Strand

Waa.. sudah lama tak berblogging. I was so busy with my work nowadays... sampaikan tak dan to do this and that. Huhu..

Here we are again during the course for the First Step. This time they conducted the course in IPDA, which is only 10 minutes drive from my house. Syoknye aku, hari-hari kuar kol lapan.. hehe.

Puan Tengku Fauziah is explaining about the Writing Strand.. huhu

This is our toolbox. Inside.. macam-macam ada..

The module... this is the new one lor... hari tu punya hat reading.. mati la.. macam nak amik peksa modul dia.. sabo je aku.

Peace bebeh...

Ni lak ration kitaorang.. hehe.. sejuk giler babas dok dalam ini bilik.. The first day, sweets and chocolates, the second day bawak polak pepper sweets from Sabah and the last day we had the dates from Yusuf Taiyyob... kuikui.. keje dok makan jaaa..

Anyway, during the last day of the course, we were so tired because it seemed like we need to do a lot of work and I'm sure they will come and pantau us next year... wahh.. takde keje iye... nak pantau tu panggil la den samo... wakakkakaka..

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