Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our Hibernating Place

This is our hibernating place. We sit, chit-chatting, gossiping exchanging information and most of the time we do our work here....hehe.. Nurul and I had just renovated the arrangement of the furnitures in the library. Even our room, we redecorating everything. We took out the big and bulky table out of our room and put it in the reading area, and we took the teachers' table from the staffroom and put them in our room... very own room. Well equipped with PC and aircond. Hehe.. Jangan jeles you alls. Coming up.. pantry corner la polakk... Nurul and I were planning to bring the water dispenser, coffee, tea, sugar etc. and place it nicely there. Sapo2 nak skit, bisa aja dong.. Tapi jangan lupa kemas lepas guna ye..

The main entrance. We put two handmade Japanese tables. Last time the two tables were joined together, but now we splitted them into two, just to get some fresh look. Heheh.

The library. The yellow tables were our tables before. We put them back here just to make sure that everyone will get their own seat.

Our hibernating place. Baru bikin, tak dan nak hias. Later on la ek.

The cushion is placed in the teachers' room. (our room laaa)

My exact place, placing at the door. Hehe.. Senang nak intai sapo nak masuk hheheh..

Ok la u alls, aku tetiba ngantuk..Maklum le baru lepas lunch. Nak titon ahhhhh...

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