Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sepetang Bersama Cucur Ikan Bilis dan Pulut Udang

During tea time, especially when I am over rajin, I will prepare some cucur a.k.a cekodok (the Kedahan called all the kuihs as cucoq) for my family. This evening, I prepared the cucur ikan bilis. My hubby brought home some pulut udang from his office. At 6.30, we sat down and ate all the cucoq together-geder.. hehe.. sodapnyer... sehingga menjilat pinggan.. Yummy..

Papa : Mama, let me snap a picture of you.
Mama : Ambik, jangan tak ambikkk..Ambil angle jangan nampak dapur ni bersepah ok.

Cekodoq ikan bilis yang habis dulu. Licin selicin-licinnya.. Teh polak.. Teh Darjeling from Dilmah.

Oh ye, ni polak Adam's eyes. Can you see the dark blue circle around his right eye? He got it from his stuntman action in Mee Chong textile shop. He was playing hide and seek and voila.. sudah dapat benjol sbb jatuh. Fell down on the floor, he didn't cry at all maybe because he's afraid that I was going to marah him. The lebam is 3 days old and recovering. Macam-macam la anak aku nih. Asik accident aje.

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