Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oblong Burger @ Pokok Asam

Jangan lupa ini signboard.. Gerai dia kat tepi jalan aje...

Last night our pregnant lady, Sharon was craving for burger.. Just because she saw the burger stall after our movie nite out, she suddenly wanted to eat a burger. Memula nak makan megi, pehtu tuko plan polakkk.. So, after our slot ended at 10.30pm, we walked down the aisle hotel and walked for 20 metres to the EE Burger at Pokok Asam to fulfill Sharon's wish. My goodness this is first time to see the OBLONG BURGER that is really-really OBLONG in shape. Hehe.. Somel aje. At first I wanted to try the Double Special Hotdog, but then Pwincess and Sharon saw this Oblong Burger. So, we bought this burger and it was very-very super duper DELICIOUS. And the price is just RM 3.70. Besar bangat burgernya and then the meat was dipped with the black pepper sauce. That had made the burger was so yummy-yummy and tasty.

Ni la cara nak sediakannye. After they dipped it into the black pepper sauce, they quickly put it on the bread.

Bungkus jangan tak bungkus. Wrapping the oblong burger session.

Ni la muka penjual yang malu-malu kucing masa aku snap gambo. Yang mamat macam Chinese ni siap tak bagi aku snap... malu katanya.. Owh....

So, if you plan to go to Langkawi, please spare your time to visit this stall. It is near the Langkasuka hotel and Teow Soon Huat shopping centre (Pokok Asam tauuu..) to be precise. I believe you wont regret it. Dijamin 100% halal and penuh kepuasan. Sodapppp...

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Ezine Enterprises said...

Oblong Burger mmg best..
Layan oi!

Nak beli contact kami lah hehehe

God Bless Us!

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