Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Incredible Hulk.. sempat lagi..

Our second night in Langkawi, Fathique, Pwincess, Sharon and I exchanged our timetables with Sella and Sally. This was because the room that we got from the hotel was so damn small sampai asik berlaga montot aje. And the place for us to sit pon tak cukup. Sempit giler. We decided to give Sella and Sally to handle the slot for that night since they already had their slot off before (ala-ala shift gitu).. hehe..

So, that nite after dinner we decided to watch a movie together... Eee.. lama tak tengok wayang nih.. almaklumla.. kanak2 riang dah ramai.. huhu... the ticket price pon RM10 kau... Bak kata Pwincess Adie.. last time when she was a little kid, the ticket was only 30 sen. And of course la there's a lot of differences... Pengawas kerusi wayang pon pakai uniform and there's no big RATS around mingling at our toes.. Hehe.. Lawak gak dengor citer Pwincess because she told us that long time ago there used to be so many BIG RATS in the cinema.. Geli geleman aku..Patut la dulu rege tiket tiga posen aje.. Hehe..

Before we entered the cineplex, we took our pictures at the giant posters.. Sonoknye..

Sempat lagi... Pwincess Adie, Sharon and Fathique

Ni polak kat Fantastic Four... jaket musti bawak.. almaklumla.. dalam ini tempat kan ke sujuk..
Tukang amik gambo : Weh.. buat la posing
Fathique : I nak jadi hat pompuan tu..
Aku : Sat aku posing sama
Sharon : Grrr.. (dia ni nak jadi hat monster merah tu.. ngeee)

Apa pon the popcorn tak besh langsung.. Hampeh.. nasib baik orang belanja. Sapa ye belanja.. Sharon ke? TQ Sharon.. walaupon tak besh.. hehhehhe

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