Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Journey to Langkawi

We had to be in Langkawi on Saturday evening because we got our first slot at night. I woke up early in the morning to make sure all my record books complete. Alhamdullillah at 12.30 pm, all the books were already completed. Syukur..

Then, I quickly packed my things because my friends and I decided to start our journey to Kuala Perlis at 2.00pm. We met at Fathique's house and went to Kuala Perlis by Pwincess Adie's car. I was late by 15 minutes because I needed to take some cash before that. Luckily they didn't leave me. Hehe..

After that, we safely arrived at Kuala Perlis and Sharon had already bought the tickets.. Seb bek.. We cruised on at 3.00 and voila sudah sampai Langkawi... Syoknyer.. We took a van to Langkasuka that cost us RM9 per van and terus ke hotel. Sampai saja terus check in, mandi, solat Asar and relax... waiting for the dinner.

And at night, we did some housekeeping session and terus blast off with the first slot. We were wondering.. how come this year there were only 4 days for us to do the course. Last time was 5 days.. Masa memang pack giler... Kena really squeeze the slots to make sure that the time is enough. Sabo je lar..

P/S: Aku coba utk masukkan gambar tapi asik fail aje..sket2 error.. sengal tol la.

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