Sunday, May 18, 2008

Teachers' Day Celebration in my school.

Today is Teachers' Day Celebration in Kedah. This is because on the 16th of May, the state of Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu were on weekends. So, we celebrate this special day on Sunday that is today.

The majlis starts with Bacaan Tahlil to all the teachers that had passed away. Sayu je masa nih.

Then we did the senamrobik. The three of us were the instructor of that day.

I played the netball with my friends. The teachers vs the pupils. We won the match. (Eh, nampak kurus bebenor aku nih.. kuikuikui)

Myself : Haa.. berani amik.. sat g teacher potong markah..
Budak baju ijo : Tak kira.. tak kira..

Sessi tunggu hadiah budak. Hehe..

Makan-makan time

"Gulai ni untuk cikgu sahaja ye.. " kata Ustazah Filzah

Berebut kek yang budak bagi.. hehehe

Puan Noreha got this cake from one of her pupils. The cake was totally out of shape since the girl brought the cake terhoyang hayang. Best tol kek nih, maklumla pree.. wakakakak

Anyway to all my pupils, thanks for all the presents that you gave me. There were two pupils came to me and told me that they didn't bring their presents. They taught I was still in Penang. Aku jawab.. "Takpa la.. teacher tak kisah pon.." Hehe.. takpe.. takpe.. lusa masih ada.. muahahahhaha..

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