Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hari Bomba Kedah

Yesterday was Hari Bomba. We noticed that it was Hari Bomba when we passed by the Fire Station in Alor Star yesterday. My hubby decided to bring the kids and looked around the fire station. There were only exhibitions and I couldn't find anything that I could buy as souvenirs. So lemah. I thought they would sell pens kaa, towels kaa... leh la kita memborong. But then it was just exhibitions and my kids had the opportunity to ride on the bikes and the fire engine truck. They were so happy eventhough they felt a little bit tired.

Naufal Sameer and Adam Darwisy posing on the truck. Adam muka blur sebab kepala dia baru lepas terhantuk kat atas truck tu..

Darling and Salman are standing in front of the truck. Besaq giler weh..

Adam with the Fireman Pajero

Bot penyelamat bomba. Sameer memalu plak...

Atas motor bomba gak.. hehe

We went home late in the evening because after we stopped at this place, we went to shopping centre and looked out for presents for Adam and Naufal's teachers. Kan ke esok Teachers' Day. We bought their teacher a very cute photo frame that looked like a tree and the fruits can be moved anywhere we want. Kan ke buah dia tu magnetic. Tersangat la cute.. lupo nak amik gambo. Hehe

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