Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fever Strikes Back

I got fever. Sudah lama tak sakit. So, since I got infected with the virus, I need to take some medicine. Even now, my body is shivering and the cough is getting worse every single minute. Sampai aku ter'pee' dalam seluar. Keje dok tuko panty. Hampeh tol. My friend suggested me to wear pad. What a good idea. Tapi macam rugi je kan. So, I switched to panty liner. Hehehe...

Last nite, the doctor gave me a day MC. I was happy because I could rest at home, but then my happiness faded because staying home is much2 letih than going to school. At home I have to clean the house, do the laundry and many more lah... macam Bibik daa.. Kalo p skul, at least bila free leh la rest a bit.. titon dlm library macam semalam la.. heheh...

My eyes rite now is so sleepy, macam nak titon pon ada. Mesti effect from the ubat batuk that I took just now. I need to finish this post. By hook or crook kena gak bagi perabih. Apa aku taip pon tatau la.. merapu nih.. huhu..

Time relax tadi, aku berkesempatan menghabiskan masa by reading this book. Written by AJIL a.k.a Angkasawan's brother. The book is about Ajil's feelings towards his brother's achievement to be the first Angkasawan. Best la jugak and had so many pictures in it. Ni yang aku sker ni.. nengok muka x-bf aku lelama.. wakakakakkakaaka. Tapi ada gak bab-bab sedih, iaitu bab Ajil masuk ICU dan meninggal dunia. Tersangat la sedih bila baca surat wife dia. Huhu.. aku ni memang sentimentol...

Reaching for the Stars- Sheikh Mustapha Shukor Al-Masrie (Ajil)

Danielle Steel's book entitled Sisters is also a good book. The story about the four sisters with different carriers tried to gain their hope and confidence after a tragedy occurred. They started clinging to each other after a terrible incident hit them. Do read this book, sedih gler nak-nak bab tragedi Oktober tu berlaku. Macam real aje. I really cried when I read this book. My hubby asked me, why mama? I just said..."Owh, it's just my contact lens..pedih la.. " Hehe. Kalau dia tau aku nangis, mau dia gelak guling2... cesss

Sisters - Danielle Steel

These magazines I just bought it on my way to pick up my kids from the nursery. I don't always buy Nona, but then the cover of the magazine makes me want to buy it. Am I a fan of Anwar Ibrahim? Opps... cannot tell la.. Only the cover looks nice and sodap mata den pandang.. Hehe..
Next one is Mastika. The most top selling mini magazine in Malaysia. Banyak la citer dalam ni.. walaupun kadang2 merapu dan kadang membosankan. But then, I need to fulfill my boredom rite now. Nak tanda kertas, English paper start esok.. so I just read the magazines la..

Nona and Mastika

Introducing to all of you my ^#$%&**)@# pimples.. tencen aku.. dah lama takde jerawat nih.. Adakah kerana aku menggunakan pencuci itew? Jeng..jeng..jeng..

Jerawat sengal..

P/S: Ignore the lubang idong ok.. Hehe

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