Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Celebration in my house

The celebration was a success. I think more than 50 people come to my house. Tak menang tangan la dei dibuatnya. Sampaikan aku tak sempat nak snap the pictures. So, sorry guys for not uploading the pictures because I didn't have the time to snap the pictures. Huhu. Bila dah habis baru la aku pasan... OMG!!! Aku tak amik gambo.. huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Sedey giler.

Anyway, thanks to Along and Zuraini for coming and sharing their stories. Lengkali kita wat party yang kecik sket so senang nak cater orang. Just imagine, the bihun was totally habis, the samosa (I made around 100 pieces) pun licin, and kuih talam hanya tinggal beberapa keping aje. I bought 2 talam la, I think around 7 slices aje yang tinggal. Innergize Lemon and Orange also habis. Huhu.. cuma pictures.. this post is useless without pictures. Huwaaaaaaaaaaa

By the way, I'm packing my things now. I'm going to Penang today. I just got the letter yesterday. Iyaaa.. musim berkursus sudah bermula. And Penang... here I come. Nevermind, people.. I snap as many pictures as I can while I'm in Penang. Chalooo.. daaa!!

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